Old Age and Ageing research group

As old ages and aging, the research on this topic conducted at Ined are numerous and varied: by their research questions, the methodology, the geographic scope. A census of the works on old ages and aging highlighted that half of the projects at Ined were concerned. Five axes deal with the major challenges raised by the demgraphic aging:

Health and healthy aging
Ressources and housing
Gender inequalities

The Pole aims to share knowledge. This website browses the different topic of the Ined research. The pole also aims to meet and debate:  a seminar is dedicated to the presentation of current works, review of challenges, data issues. Beside the objectives of sharing and discussing, the pole aims to identify emerging questions which could lead to the development of new collaborative projects.

You can find the programme of the seminar for 2018 here.

To get more information or to attend the seminar please contact Marthe Joubassi, assistant of the pole (marthe.joubassi @ ined.fr)